Frieda Vogel and Axel Huynh with their Limited Edition “Mondiva YIN & YANG” Clutches - AXEL HUYNH by
Wilma Elles with her “Mondiva” clutch by
Limited Edition “Mondiva YIN & YANG” Clutches - AXEL HUYNH by
The french designer Axel Huynh signs the guestbook
Felicia Gebhardt with her “Mondiva” clutch by
designer Axel Huynh at Hotel Mond in his Berlin fashion week pop up store presented by
Porcelain creation by Axel Huynh with the “Mondiva” clutch in purple by
homage to 100 years Bauhaus - Pillow design by Axel Huynh
skateboard created by the french designer Axel Huynh
fashion designer Tom Rebl and international stylist Frank Oberberger with the first men's clutch “BEN” created by
Bettina Steiskal - Department Store Director THE CORNER Schlüterstrasse Berlin with french designer Axel Huynh
Michael Brandt owner of Lifestyle Drinks, with the business bag “Frieda no 2” by
Frieda Vogel owner of with French designer Nicola Pietroforte
Countess Isa Hardenberg, Society Lady from Berlin, with the new FRAU FRIEDA creation “CLAIRE” Clutch
International Celebrity & TV Hairstylist Marcus Koehler with clutch “CLAIRE” by
Daniel Budde & Christopher O'Connor owner of CANDIDE - they conjured up and sponsored the perfect gourmet chocolate dessert for the dinner
Felicia Gebhardt and Marcel Ostertag with the limited edition clutch “Mondiva YIN & YANG” - AXEL HUYNH by
Axel Huynh meets Dinner Impression - Porcelain created by Axel Huynh

Axel Huynh meets Frau Frieda

On the occasion of the 27th International Cannes Film Festival 2019,
the designer Frieda Vogel met French designer Axel Huynh from Paris.
From the very first sight it was quite plain to both of them: this contact needs be further developed and expanded - both artists vibrate on the same wavelength.

The cooperation between Frieda Vogel and Axel Huynh became so vivid and stimulating, that the idea of ​​Frieda Vogel to introduce Axel Huynh to Germany was realized very soon.

On the occasion of Fashion Week Berlin Frieda Vogel presented
Axel Huynh ( with a pop up store, his first one outside France. 

02. July to 06. July 2019 - Hotel Mond Fine Arts

The grand finale of Fashion Week Berlin - as well as of the Axel Huynh Pop Up Store Week - was the launch of the limited edition clutch Mondiva YIN & YANG - AXEL HUYNH by FRAU FRIEDA on Saturday the 6th of July 2019 followed by an exclusive dinner in an elite circle.