Frieda Vogel - The designer and her eye for detail

Frieda Vogel – Along with her passion for the arts, she is a successful photographer and has exhibited all over the world. More than worth a look are her publications, including themes such as artist life in Istanbul, or on the topic of existential reality of both man and nature in Georgia. Furthermore, she is a passionate designer with love for detail. Her brand FRAU FRIEDA features extraordinary pieces of art, made with the highest of quality standards.

Each bag and each accessory from her collection is personally put into shape by her hands, from the frame to their individual clasps. Her love for detail defines her design which is the reason that her handbags and accessories are uniquely luxurious. During the manufacturing process, she checks each seam for precision. Her passion stems back from childhood.

She was inspired by her grandmother, who passed her most marvellous and precious collection of handbags to the young Frieda. This laid the foundation for the designer’s affinity for the finest materials and exceptional creations.

While letting the fascinating structure of the material speak for itself, FRAU FRIEDA applies her different kinds of leather in geometric shapes and onto a puristic corpus. Only with appreciation for finest material and design, manufacture to highest quality can be achieved’

With this credo, the designer has taken three years in search of the best purse makers, tanners, dyers and jewellers for her collection before releasing her first luxury model.